This mum has lost 6kg in 6 months and 56cm off her total body measurements

Manda is a 40-year-old mum-of-three living in St Mays, NSW and has lost 6kg and 56 cm off her body  in six months by signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

“Turning 40 was a scary concept for me. I have tried to lose weight so many times but would always put it back on again,” she says.

“I turned 40 on the last day of the 3 month lockdown of 2021! I had gained so much weight and my mental health was at an all time low!

“Trying to raise three girls, run a business and go through a divorce all during a pandemic had taken its toll! Enough was enough!”

In fact, Manda says she knew something had to change or nothing was ever going to change!

“I signed up to The Healthy Mummy app, but this time I was determined to stay consistent. I knew I not only needed to fix my eating habits but I also needed to fix my mental health as well if I was going to finally lose weight and keep it off,” she says.

“I have lost 6kg is six months. For some people, this number might seem small but I truly feel slow and steady wins the race.

“In addition to losing 6kgs I have also lost 56cm off my total body measurements. I have gone from barely fitting into size 18’s (refuse to buy size 20) to comfortably fitting into size 14.”

Incredibly, Manda has more confidence than ever before and just feels better within herself.

“I have gained so much more energy! So much love and respect for myself. I’ve gained more confidence,” she says.

“There is no way six months ago I could sit her and write about myself in such a positive way. One of my favourite Healthy Mummy meals is Mexican Lasagne a close second is Chicken and Mushroom Risotto.” 

Manda’s 3 tips

1. Stay consistent, even if you have a bad day and over eat, wake up tomorrow and try again

Keep working on your goals. Making smaller changes now turn into bigger changes in the future.

2. Don’t focus on one measurement method for losing weight.

Take photos, use scales, take body measurements, how do you feel while your body is changing, how has your mental health changed.

These are all great ways to see changes and not all of them will change at the same time or the same pace.

3. Mindset, this is one of the most important.

Without a healthy and positive mindset, the smallest of set backs can cause you to doubt yourself and make you feel like giving up.

Keeping a positive mindset doesn’t mean you don’t have bad days or you don’t make mistakes, it means when you do have those days or make mistakes, you learn from them and keep going getting stronger as you go on your journey.

“One thing I would definitely love for anyone who wants to start a weight loss journey to do is, learn to love yourself during the whole process from being and for the rest of your life! Don’t wait to lose the weight before you learn to love yourself,” Manda adds.

“You’re an amazing human! You created life! You continue to wake up everyday! You have the power to change your whole life. You have got this! Believe in yourself!”

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