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Spring Forward

In typical spring fashion, we’ve had days in the 70s and we even got some snow last weekend (!). 

Just like last winter, this one felt sooooo long. These boys thrive when they play outside, and we didn’t get out as much as we’d like. (Unless we were sledding or by the fire pit!) This new hammock swing that Thomas set up in the yard has been a nice source of entertainment for the past few weeks!

Fun for all ages!

I’ll take cold sunshine over warm rain any day. 

Those gloomy February days had me really really down. With the first day of spring just 2 days away (HBD MOM!) we are ready. 

Spring Sports

Spring soccer season has started. And so has baseball for Mazen! We had lucky warm day for the evals, and he’s on the same team as last year so that’s great. Mazen is also taking golf lessons this spring! We got him a new set of clubs to fit his size. Birch will get his older ones. Birch is still a little too young for soccer, but he’ll be starting Hot Shots in the fall! Until then, we play in the yard a lot or on the sidelines during Mazen’s activities. 

Eastwood Farm Winery

I met my friend Jess and her daughter at Eastwood Farm Winery one warm-ish afternoon. We have done SO FEW activities this winter that it was so very nice to get out on a week day!

Birch was very shy for the story time, but he loved the coloring. 

Birch’s Bar

Speaking of spirits, Mazen created a new establishment called Birch’s Bar! I love his creative logo and the name. 

Also his slick outfit, and the fact that they have an electronic menu. How modern! 

Do not ask me why there was a Red Bull in our fridge. It is not KERF approved, but someone still brings them into the house ; ) 

The special chocolate glacier was a Hershey kiss!

Someone found mommy’s secret chocolate stash hidden in a decorative pitcher!! He must have been spying on me. 

The bar staff

Birch is the dishwasher and cleaner at his bar. Hopefully he’ll be promoted to bartender soon. 

Sourcing for the bar came from Winc. I re-stocked with a case of my favorites. Lots of whites for spring + summertime! KERF readers can get 4 bottles for $29 and free shipping on your first order! 

Kor Shots

When I’m not sipping water or wine, I’ve been loving these Kor Shots the company sent me.

The Intense Defense is my favorite with passionfruit and a spicy kick to it. These are great when you need a little something extra to finish your meal, want a feel-good boost, or need extra immune/gut support. I loved them mixed into seltzer water too. 

Coffee > Hot Water

One drink I do not recommend – reaching for the kettle to refill your coffee. I accidentally watered down the rest of my mug! 

Play Time

Loving our Young, Wild, and Friedman boxes! Best smelling playdough ever. 

And these Duplo trucks our neighbor passed down have been a two-week hit!

Did you think he’d forgotten about pirates? You’re wrong!!

Real life construction work!

Also that branch almost landed on Birch. It fell one minute after he’d left the area. Yikes!

Good Spring Eats

Here are some meals lately! 

Strawberry Smoothie 

Yogurt + Granola Bowl

Oatmeal + Pear + PB + Walnuts

Waffle Day! 

Easy green smoothie



A fabulous lunch

I had this 2 days in a row! Lightly dressed arugula salad, crostini, and cheesy eggs. 

Daily Harvest Bowls

Daily Harvest bowls are great when the fridge is low on veggies. I mixed in some leftover chicken-and-green-bean dinner and topped with yogurt!

Garlic + Herb Chicken

This was the dinner I mixed in – a premium meal from Blue Apron!

Date night at Vivace! 

Cheesy Gnocchi Meatballs

Another Blue Apron winner with garlic bread and salad.

Take out from Multiverse Kitchen!

That chicken biscuit was AMAZING!! + brussels that we made at home and a wedge salad. 

Shrimp Orzo

That’s a wrap, friends! Have a great weekend. 



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