Not all medications are bad

This may be a controversial statement, but not all medications are bad. Sometimes you need them to get your life back, so don’t be afraid of them.⁠

You see, there are 4️⃣ things I wish I knew about Ulcerative Colitis from the beginning and this is one of them. ⁠

✨HINT: Go to Youtube to get the three other lessons I learned! ⁠

Eleven years ago, if someone had told me these four things, who knows how my healing journey might have gone.🤔⁠

When I was first diagnosed, I thought I could manage my symptoms with diet🥗 and lifestyle🏋️‍♀️ and supplements💊 and whatever else… but I did not have great success. ⁠

Still, I was super hesitant to try biologic medications. I had heard about all the side effects and some can be really scary.⁠

But at the same time, I was sick.🤒

My body was flaring out of control, I was going to the bathroom up to 30 times a day with bloody diarrhea, my hair was falling out, I was dragging myself around, and I was exhausted because my body was falling apart.⁠

And looking back 👀, I feel like I waited too long. ⁠

At the end of the day, there’s a time and a place for medications. 💊 ⁠

And they can get you out of that crazy state that your body is in and into remission. 🧘‍♀️⁠

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