No more diet resolutions – try this instead!

You had the best intentions at the start of the year, but perhaps in the past you have found it hard to follow them through? 

This isn’t your fault. 

Diets are not designed to be sustainable. In fact, the research now confirms this.

When it comes to keeping resolutions, it is very important you don’t place pressure on yourself to do it all perfectly and follow the “perfect” diet – often this pressure backfires and we give up altogether. Think, balance, and being kind towards yourself. Just make the best choices available to you. Be proud of the small changes that you ARE making! 

You do not need a resolution to diet to live the healthy life! You just need to create positive habits, rituals and routines –  and make a few small changes each week. This is the key to long-lasting, sustainable change that you can carry on throughout the year, and even beyond.

We need to embrace a kind and realistic mindset when it comes to setting New Year resolutions. Putting yourself on a crazy diet will only last short-term. There is a much simpler way to achieve your best health and mental peace. We have to start to think of the healthy life as a long-term, forever situation. A lifestyle, not a diet! A commitment to yourself, not a short-lived resolution!


Here are my top 10 tips to embrace the balanced healthy life in 2022:

  1. Take everything one step at a time. You don’t need to do everything at once! Remember that the journey to better health is not something achieved overnight, but if you begin your journey in winter you’ll already feel revitalised by the time summer comes around.
  2. Try one new exercise. Choose one exercise you want to try and commit to doing it once a week. Gradually increase your exercise to two or three times a week, and build up the habit slowly. Remember that the exercises do not have to be strenuous and can be as simple as walking around the park.
  3. Be kind to yourself as you try new things. You may not be the best in your first pilates class (or your second), but it’s important to remember that every small step you make is helping you lead a happier and healthier life.
  4. Add more greens to your diet. You can do this by experimenting with different produce and trying to eat in season – it’s cheaper and nature gives us what we need at different times of the year. Some winter season greens include avocado, spinach, peas and broccoli.
  5. Look for cost-effective ways to be healthy. Be efficient with the cost of looking after your health where you can. Look around for different gyms, and see what extra value your health insurance could offer you. The GymBetter app, for example, gives Medibank members access a wide network of gyms with cheap casual rates, so it can fit in with your lifestyle and budget.
  6. Avoid alcohol and other stimulants. They can cause you to make unhealthy choices without even realising. Even though it is tempting to hibernate with a bottle of red wine at night, try switching it for herbal hot tea instead. Your body will thank you for this one! As with everything, cut down slowly – health is a journey and a lifestyle, not a fad.
  7. Get inspired on Instagram. There are so many great recipes and motivational images to inspire you to take the next step towards better health.
  8. Get your family and friends involved. Share the new recipes or exercises you’re trying with the people you love. This will make the journey to better health more fun and keep you all accountable to stick to your plans.
  9. Experiment with different cooking techniques. If you’re making an effort to eat more veggies, try roasting or steaming them as opposed to frying. It’s quick, easy and your body will thank you!
  10. Believe in yourself. You are powerful and can live the life you have always wanted – no doubts! Only put out positive thoughts. Thinking that way takes practice, but what have you got to lose?


Here’s to a magical, healthful, abundant year ahead!

xo Jess 

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