My Favorite Mindful Eating Tool — Registered Dietitian Columbia SC


First, notice what thoughts are coming up around the food you’re eating. Thoughts influence behaviors, especially when those thoughts are rooted in diet mentality. Identifying those unhelpful thoughts gives you a chance to challenge or reframe them.

My Thought Check-In: The first time I tried the oat milk dark chocolate, my thoughts centered around curiosity! I hadn’t tried chocolate made with oat milk before, and even though I love the creamy mouth feel of oat milk, I was a little worried it would taste diety. Spoiler alert: it didn’t!


Notice how your body feels, especially hunger and fullness levels. Noticing hunger and fullness levels can help you decide how much you want to eat, or what you might want to eat a food with.  

My Body Check-In: When I did this chocolate 3-point check-in, I noticed that I was at a snack level of hunger. Chocolate is great for satisfying taste hunger, but I knew I would need a little more than chocolate to fuel me through an afternoon of seeing clients, so I paired it with a packet of walnuts.


The last part of the check-in is tuning in to the sensory experience of eating a food – taste, texture, smell, sound. I like to call this wine tasting a food! You don’t have to fully tune in through a whole meal, but try to take a few bites where you really savor what you’re eating.

My Sensory Check-In: The first thing I noticed taking a bite of my chocolate was that slight fruity flavor you get with really high quality chocolate. The next thing that hit me was the bit of sea salt. From there, I got to the sweetness, which was just the right amount – not the overpowering sweetness you get with some brands. Because this Endangered Species Chocolate is made with naturally sweet oat milk, it’s happens to have half the sugar of other dark chocolate brands, which is nice for those of you who might be mindful of sugar for medical reasons. The other thing I noticed was the extra creamy mouth feel – almost like milk chocolate but in a 75% cocoa bar!

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