How to be lose weight, be healthy with a workable weight loss strategy

know the easiest yet effective workable weight loss strategy

How to be lose weight, be healthy with

a workable weight loss strategy

Hey everyone,

How are you doing? Today I am in a mood to talk my heart out with my community of people who are strugglers like me in the better health journey. Oh! btw, are you all part of our IWB community #IWBmovement on Facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter? If not, then you need to do so to help and support each other in the journey to good health and happiness, Isn’t it? I just hope that all those who are trying to reduce weight for the same reason, are getting positive results, though with the extreme summer heat, I am finding it too difficult. Interestingly, today morning I read about a new strategy in the form of a new weight loss medical brand, I am trying to get details about it and will soon share with you all. Today on the same lines I felt like sharing with you the right workable weight loss strategy for those who are looking to be healthy. Let me remind my readers here that I am a strong proponent of ‘Body positivity’ and my reason to talk about weight loss has nothing to do with ‘Body Shaming’ in any way. I share my experiences in this blog because I know how frustrating can being overweight and obese be in the journey of getting rid of the related health problems.

All of us know that in order to maintain a healthy weight number we need to live make the right choices. We cannot achieve results without changing our lifestyle. Do I need to remind anyone what lifestyle means? Lifestyle changes basically boils down to major changes in daily diet and maintaining a daily exercise routine. The easiest starting point can be maintaining a calorie deficit. But is that all we require in the unending pursuit of regaining good health! The answer is NO, Umm! then what else?

What is a workable weight loss strategy?

As I talk about how to be healthy with a workable weight loss strategy, let me talk about self analysis. Yes, we need to look back at the past years of our lives to find out when the downfall of good health began in our lives. We need to think where did we go wrong and why? That analysis can be the starting point of our individual health journey. All we need to start with is a notebook and pen and write down the answers to these three questions.

  1. At what age was I felt at my best health and what was my weight at that time?
  2. At what age did I find out about my medical problems?
  3. Was my medical problem the reason for weight gain or vice versa?

Most of us might have thought about all these things earlier too but we need to record each and every thing to self analyze our own wrongdoings towards our body and rectify them. My personal experience says we are all fond of playing mind games with others so this time for our own benefit, why not play the same mind game with ourselves? If we answer these three questions with complete sincerity, we will find our way out of our weight related problems and frustrations. When I say honestly answer the questions, I mean that your doing that will help you be emotionally free and think practically by coming out of the victim mindset. As you write about the first question take out all your emotions, in second you need to be analytical and the third one can be really challenging as it would make you free of the victim mindset. No, please don’t get offended as we all have that victim mindset when we blame our weight gain on our health problems (even I do that.. oops!).

Once you are over with it and accept that your ill health is directly or indirectly related to your weight gain, it will be easy for you to get started with the next step of creating a calorie deficit by following a healthy diet. You can know all about calorie deficit here… Though I intend to talk about how to create a calorie deficit in easy ways in some other future blog but to start things we can just cut down on one chapatti daily and add one big raw cucumber in its place. Easy, isn’t it?

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Let us do it together and we all know that we can do it.

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